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part VIII How the galaxies are born
Data 17/08/2013 20:03  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 2078  Jêzyk Global

 How the galaxies are born



The galaxy is a set of matter in the form of stars and all kinds of different cosmic bodies that whirls around an invisible core. The galaxy just as each whirling set of matter also has to have its own driving force which will seize the whole mass of matter, set it in motion and keep in a continuous motion for the time of milliards of years . A similar whirling system in its activity is the planetary system where the central star in our case the Sun is the central mass of the whiling set. The difference between the star and the core of the universe consists in the fact that the star as a core of a whirling set is visible but the core of the galaxy is not visible. The star as a specific core of a whirling system has the mass that is many times bigger than the mass of the whole whirling set seized by its gravitation. The core of the galaxy also has to exceed the mass of the whole galaxy many times. It is not possible for the invisible power that exists in the centre of each galaxy to come into being from nothing, it is only a form and a kind of matter situated and whirling in the place where the core of the galaxy should be that is invisible for us.


Because of the way a man perceives cosmic matter and because of the instruments that are available to him/her one can see only such forms which in the cosmic motion do not exceed the speed of light. The invisible core of the galaxy must whirl with the speed that exceeds the speed  of light, that's why it is invisible. Its huge mass, invisible to the eye creates in its incredible speed a huge gravitational force which swallows up the whole matter within the distance of millions of light years. This matter that is located beyond the area of this gravitational attraction is then kept in the field of a much smaller gravitation and it creates a set that is visible in the form of a galaxy.


How does a core of a galaxy come into being?


The core of the galaxy is a kind of a black hole but it is many times bigger.

The black hole also must have its own core but its much smaller mass in comparison to the core of the galaxy and at the same time its bigger surface speed creates an intensive field of gravitation  but it has a smaller range in space. The core of the black hole just as the core of the galaxy is composed mainly from matter that separated from the intergalactic stream. They come into being when the intergalactic stream of the speed that is faster then the speed of light digging its way through the space of the universe compresses dark matter it meets in front of itself. As a result, the sets of matter that separate from the stream begin to whirl and run in their own directions. The size of such sets that separate from the stream may reach a diameter of thousands of light years. The huge mass and the surface speed faster than light is the cause of this that the gravitation of such whirling spheres reaches simply incredible parameters and they are invisible. The effect of the separation of such big sets of matter from the running intergalactic stream in the cosmic space takes place only in the place  of the collision of the front of the stream with dark matter.  And only in this place of the events the cores of galaxies and of black holes are coming into being. The sets and fractions of matter that come into being along the whole stream during its contact with the material surroundings are much smaller and such sets which could create the galactic cores  cannot come into being out of them.


However what is necessary for a proper course of the process of the evolution of matter in the universe are different sizes of material fractions, such ones come into being on the peripheries of the intergalactic stream in the place of the collision of its surface with the matter that already exists there and that newly came into being.


The sphere that is moving on a parabola and whirling with a huge surface speed having a mass that is milliards times bigger in comparison to other sets begins the process of the creation of the galaxy.

The cores which have a bigger speed of the whirl form the galactic sets which look as a flat disk and those that have a smaller surface speed form the spherical galaxies.


A specific huge black hole came into being which in fact is the core of the galaxy. There are also black holes that are located beyond the core of the galaxy. These cosmic structures are millions times smaller than the black holes that form the cores of the galaxies. Their source is the same matter but it separated from the stream in smaller portions of mass and they whirl with even bigger surface speed.


The essence of the physical process connected with the expansion of the intergalactic stream manifests itself in such a form in which the matter of the stream digs its way through the environment of dark matter that exists in the whole space of the universe.  The intergalactic stream while it is running it is systematically losing the matter that is situated on its front and on its peripheries. It happens so because of the influence of collisions and the friction of the matter of the stream with the matter situated in the space through which the stream runs.


The separated sets of mass in the form of the forms of different size change their course of flight and enter into a collision with other sets. All physical phenomena that take place in the surroundings of the intergalactic stream are subject to the influence of power which the running stream is carrying with itself. The speed of the motion of the stream exceeding many times the speed of light is the cause of this that the physical processes in its surroundings also take place at the speed faster than the speed of light. This area is a kind of a “vessel” where the particles of matter running very quickly are born. Numberless multitudes of such particles of different size are thrown out into space where on their way they meet the galactic sets which are being created or which already exist. Invisible particles running with a huge speed bombard everything they meet on their way. In the areas of  condensed clouds of matter very intensive physical events take place. The running particles seize the particles of dark matter as a result of these events myriad numbers of new material forms come into being, these are the first forms of the evolutional matter of the universe. A vast majority of the matter of the universe that is coming into being will follow the galactic spiral and in the future it will be swallowed up by bigger formations. The evolution of life in the universe begins.


Andrzej Struski de Merowing


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