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Artykul pilotujacy ksiazke Watykan Zdemaskowany - Papiez musi umrzec

Afera Banco Ambrosiano

Galeria Magdala

Data 11/07/2014 19:00  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikniêæ 1622  Jêzyk Global



The introduction


The first transmissions that refer to the graal exist in the areas of myths and legends. These indications do not specify the form or the shape of the graal, they only speak about the features of the positive influence of the graal in relation to a man. As time passes these transmissions started to depict the Graal in the form of a cup. Such a complementation of the appearance of the Graal is similar to the picture of – the spatial sets of matter in the circular and spiral motion which come into being in the etheric field of a man.



In the etheric space of a man the magnetic fields that are influencing each other determine the arrangement of matter - in the form of matter temporarily stable as well as of the matter in motion.

Each of these levels has its own mechanisms of control and synchronisation, for the schemes of the accumulation and the motion of the accumulated matter.


In the spaces of the successive levels the nodes and centres of communication are located which influence a man in the areas of the etheric plan in the aura and in the biofield. Their localisation and mutual correlation of the controlling impulses is stimulated according to the principles of the sacred geometry. Here are the schemes for the coming into being of an innumerable number of – the methods and references available for a man which are necessary in the realisation of the plan of life.

In such a magnetically stabilised etheric structure of a man the creation of matter that is set to motion does not stop at the time of his/her whole life.


There are schemes which correspond to the affective characteristics and allow for the creation of the forms of matter which are temporarily stable where each individual form corresponds to one of many affective characteristics of man. There are schemes that allow for forming different sets in the form which  characterises intentions and next thoughts and thought-forms. And the cause and the basis of the creation of such a type of schemes are the transitory  etheric programs from our point of view – the programs called the spiritual spheres. They administer and gather matter of which the mass is milliards times smaller than the mass of the biological body. The whole space of life of a man is simply saturated with these type of programs. In such micro densities of matter among other things work the formations similar in their appearance to the shape of the cup.


Thus, what may be found in many transmissions are the references to the Graal. Taking into account the fact that the spaces which the third set located most high in the system of a man in the form of a cup is the set of matter which was subjected to all stages of transformation, the transmissions may speak about the Holy Graal. The matter emitted from the bowl of the third set  (the third spectrum of the  light matter of a man 157 to 160 level – 5th rainbow), has specific characteristics. In its spectrum and form of structure it is similar to the formations of matter which I was able to recognise in the surroundings of God. The environment of matter that exists in the surroundings of God is defined by the adjective „Holy” and the beings from the Civilisation of the Creators  (the surroundings of God) –  are called „The Holy Spirit”. Such physical features of the matter emitted from the set in the form of a cup that is located the highest in the etheric system of a man can be called by the name „Holy”, –  that is they are of top quality.


The whole construction of the etheric system of a man is based on the mathematical principles. These principles manifest themselves in the form of mutual geometrical proportions and numerical references. Its processes run according to a regime of a magnetic correlation in accordance with the principles of simple logic. 160 Levels of the synchronisation of the system connect in themselves in the form of a coherent whole five sets which are characterised by an individual reference of a man to his/her needs and his/her surroundings. These sets commonly called the elements connect a man with all aspects of the influence of cosmos, the planet and the environment of life that are available to him/her. The third set of matter in motion that corresponds in its structure to a spatial form of a cup existing in the spiritual space of a man, which is located in the fourth and fifth element (air and ether), by its features unequivocally refers to and indicates the fact that the mythical Holy Graal is nothing else but a feature of a spiritual disposal belonging to each being with the embodied soul.


The graal in the magnetic system of a man


 50 levels of synchronisation which are located the highest in the magnetic system of a man

 (the whole system has 160 levels), apart from many other functions works also in the aspect of the work of the third set in the form of a cup.


These 50 levels are 18 levels from the element of air which are located the most high  and the whole set of the element of ether. The base of the third set, the periphery of the foot of the cup is located in the space  of the 111th level. This level in its programs among other things has a set of the red dragon from the fourth degree of the transformation of the etheric matter.


The red dragon is the first from the seven programs of the transformation of matter in the etheric  system of a man. The whole “dragon's” set  –  the „dragon with seven heads”, (my terms and definitions of different things and states which I describe in my transfers from God have the titles that correspond to the features and characters that had already been known and used in the social culture on Earth) consisting of seven programmes; - 1 red, 2 orange, 3 yellow, 4 green, 5 blue, 6 violet, 7 gold, occurs in each one of the five elements.


The higher located the element the higher quality of the degree of transformation of the etheric matter and the 5 dragon' s sets are the fundamental instruments in the process of this transformation.

The successive dragon's sets through the set of the red dragon draw the matter from the outside and next they transform it.


Each dragon's set has its own features of the transformation of matter which are very important for a man.


/ The red dragon – the sources of matter – the red dragon from the first element/the element of fire,

is responsible for the safe drawing of faster-than-light matter. It is the matter in the form of the particles of God, this is the name which the scientists ascribed to it, today they are insistently hard looking for the proofs of its existence, I described its general features and its character of influence on the evolution of life in the universe in a series of articles a few years ago.





This matter brings in to the environment of the universe the whole potential of motion which in contact with the dark matter creates the whole visible matter of the universe and its potential of life.

It in its final stage of the penetration of the space of the universe minimises the speed of course and it is available for the etheric system of a man (its speed is still faster-than-light). After it had been „brought to a stop”  in the mechanism of the magnetic clock of a man, the red dragon from the element of fire intercepts it and it transforms it for the needs of the whole etheric system of a man.


The characteristic features of the dragon's coils





/ The orange dragon – the transformation of the physical matter into the biological matter, (there are references that refer to this type of transformation which ascribe to it the transformation of the sexual energy, the term  „energy”  which is being commonly  used here is incorrect.  Energy is a reference to the state of chaos and it is not a reference to the state of the etheric life of biology).


/ The yellow dragon  – the conditions of life, temperature, warmth and the environment that is favourable for the biology.

/ The green dragon – biology in a general sense.

/ The blue dragon – synchronisation, communication and stimulation of all programmes of life.

/ The violet dragon – the schemes of management, the minds and consciousness on different levels of evolution.

/ The gold dragon – the schemes of configuration, phonisation and safety devices. The gold dragon draws out the excess of faster-than-light matter, the divine matter that is being intercepted by the red dragon.


In reference to the whole of the etheric system of a man the activity of the five sets of the red dragon is a kind of a fivefold possibility of gaining new strength, extra disposal and fresh breath.

In the context to such possibilities the red dragon of the fourth set in the  element of the air which forms the framework of the Holy Graal allows to introduce the potential that activates its work.  The third set in the form of a cup as the only one has the red dragon at its disposal in its first sequence of activity.



The foot of the Holy Graal




The cupola of the foot of the Graal closes itself at the height of level 123 in the place of the localisation of the sixth pearl, here also the orange dragon feeds  its orange crystal of light on the plan of the element of the air. The last one the seventh red crystal of light will be fed by the red dragon in the next level, at the same time it will activate the work of the stem  in the set of the Graal.


The foot of the set of the cup came into being which has the appearance of a reversed bowl and in the etheric system of a man it is located in the place where the headcap is placed. One may infer that a skull-cup and other coverings of the head of this type including the beret are the symbols of this element of the Graal. A beret with its spike perfectly well refers to the cupola of the foot and the first level in the stem of the cup. Also the covering of the Pope's head has a similar reference  where at the back one can see a short, colourful ribbon.



The stem of the Holy Graal




The stem of the set of the cup is located between 123rd  and 134th  level, that is to say between the sixth and seventh pearl. The pearls in the etheric system of a man are responsible for the maintenance of a proper  potential of the activity  of all the wave-sets. These are the centres of the potentials and important windows of communication. There are seven pearls in the whole system and the one from the level 134 is located the highest. In its space the programme of the green dragon works, it fulfills the role of the gate of light which is being sent to the bowl of the Holy Graal. The stem located above a man's head is the place of the whole series of the transformation of matter.  I think that it is not accidental that the Christian priests raise during „elevation” the cup above their heads and keep it there for a few seconds.



The bowl of the Holy Graal



The light that is being sent to the bowl of the Graal is subjected to a series of processes of transformation in the etheric system of a man.  The task of the green dragon from the fifth dragon's set in the space of the element of ether is the security protection of the gate of light in such a way that the fractions of badly prepared light matter will not get to the bowl.

The  five mechanisms of work of the dragon with seven heads in each one of the five elments create seven states of matter that is being gradually transformed. Next on each stage of transformation this matter is being directed to the sets of seven crystals of light where its further transformation takes place.


The  „dragon's” mechanism that is described here emanates with the coils of light which shine in the form of five rainbows. The fourth rainbow in succession shines on the level of the first sequences of activity – the stem of the set of the cup, that is the stem of the graal. Each one of the five rainbows is the space of the emanation of light from the light goblets  which are the space that embraces the dragon's sets and the crystals of light. One of the tasks of the fourth goblet of light is to select seven streams of light matter intended for the bowl of the Holy Graal.  These streams further formed in the process of the activity of the magnetic coils of the stem will be sent to the fifth goblet of light located in the final levels of the stem - the seventh pearl - the bowl of the graal.


The light matter subjected to transformation in the fifth, light goblet that is to say in the instrument of transformation located in the space of the bowl of the Holy Graal obtains the features of the physical structure comparable to the features of the matter that exists in the surroundings of God.

After such a transformation the light loses its specific speed of motion and it behaves as colourful and manifold crystals that are drifting in the air and slowly falling down.

The existence and activity of two light goblets in one set of a cup exposes the potential of this set to the value of the set of the Holy Graal.





Summing up, the whole of this how the etheric system of a man works, I would like to say that I presented in this article the matters that refer to the localisation and activity of the set which I defined by the name the Holy Graal. I think that I have justified in a sufficient way the rightness of my description that refers to this specific etheric formation that works for the needs of a man. In order to deepen the clarity of information I will present below the mathematical division of this set.

The particular sets of the type – the dragon's set, the set of the goblet, or the set of the seven crystals of light cooperate with each other in a more specific way that it could appear from the configuration itself of these instruments and the degrees of transformation.


The mathematical division shows more complex combinations of co-operation and activity of the systems and the sets.



-         the whole set of the Holy Graal  50 levels, from 111 do 160

-         divides itself to  13 sequences where each one has its own features:

The foot of the cup.

1/   The dragon with seven heads of the fourth element   – 7 levels.

2/ The set of the crystals of light of the fourth goblet  – 5 levels.

The sixth pearl.

3/ The orange crystal from the fourth goblet  – 1 level.

The stem of the cup.

4/ The red crystal the last one from the fourth goblet – 1 level.

5/ Six colours of the rainbow of the fourth goblet – 3 levels.

6/ The horizon of the element of the air, the seventh colour of the rainbow of the fourth goblet  / gold – 1 level.

7/ The magnetic coil of the element of ether  – 14 levels.

8/ Three first dragon's programs from the dragon of ether  – 3 levels.

The seventh  pearl.

9/ The program of the green dragon in the gate of the bowl  – 1 level.

The bowl of the cup.

10/ Three final dragon's programs from the dragon of ether – 3 levels.

11/ The set of the crystals of light of the fifth goblet  – 7 levels.

12/ The horizon of the element of ether, two colours of the rainbow of the fifth goblet – 1 level.

13/ Five colours of the rainbow of the fifth goblet – 3 levels.

The whole set  forms the following mathematical code of the Holy Graal :-




Andrzej Struski de Merowing


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