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The family of Christ and Magdalene under the protection of the mountain Bugarach
Data 28/11/2014 00:01  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikniêæ 1540  Jêzyk Global

The family of Christ and Magdalene under the protection of the mountain Bugarach


The sacred mountain of the Atlanteans



This mountain is situated in the vicinity of Rennes-le-Chateau and according to the opinion of many people it has exceptional qualities. The information which says that it is recognised as the place on earth which has a specific influence can be found in different publications. The behaviour of the people also proves it , and among them are such people who cannot be suspected of the lack of understanding of such essence of things. The contemporary Templars, since they are referred to in the text, are the assemblage of the people who consider themselves to be the ideological and cultural successors of their protoplasts – the order of the Templars that existed   a few hundred years ago. These were the knights who lived in the first centuries of  the previous millennium. The historical publications show that the Templars of that time had a great interest in things that may be considered as magical or unusual. There are some of the situations which were described that prove that this kind of interests was  not only their hobby, they also could use special abilities, such as magic.

I do not have sufficient information to say whether they held this mountain sacred at that time, however it is in this region where the first commanderies came into being and at present their biggest aggregation is there. One may dispute for a long time and ask why the cradle of the Templars is situated in this region. Many would point to their arguments, that is why I will also present my thesis. The thesis which embraces a very long period in the history of the earth, which is longer than the history of the Templars and longer than many other cultures and histories of the nations. It dates back by its indication to the times before the flood. The matter of the mountain Bugarach is the justification for such a deep penetration into the time of history.  The first pieces of information about the special character of this mountain come from the civilisations living at the time before the cataclysm called the flood.

The people held this mountain sacred already in those remote times. There must have been some very important reasons for such a behaviour. One may assume that the specific influence of this mountain on people, or the phenomena that were observed in its vicinity belong to these reasons. What characteristics should a thing or a mountain have to be regarded by the people as the special one or – in an exceptional case – as the sacred one ?


The phenomena that can be observed do not occur all the time, they can be noticed or experienced only by some of the people at different times. If such a place will show its influence in a way significant enough to be regarded by the people as the specific one than it will be well-known or sacred for the people. The view indicated by the people has its causes in the phenomena that can be observed or that can be felt. Then, these phenomena must be characterised by some physical features that can be perceived by a man.

The reasons of such influences must have some source, something exceptional what initiates the phenomena that can be observed. I assume that this source has a physical character which results from immaterial sphere. Magnetism is the  immaterial form of the physical influence. Each thing , even the smallest material particle has its magnetic field. The mountain is made of many formations of rocks, all of them in their composition have specific minerals which form the kind of the rock. Each mineral has its own unique atomic structure which is connected and consolidated in the congealed form of the rock. The material mass of the mineral connects the magnetic potential that is ascribed to it and which is released together with its particles during the process of emanation or erosion. Such anerosion - the  emanation of matter  is commonly described as the influence of the shape and kind. The mountain is the collection of different crystalline forms and its emanation depends on the material composition of rocks.


There are mountains in the rocky inside of which there are large blocks of homogeneous mineral of pure kind. If such a block is big enough its emanation influences the space around the mountain.  If such a mineral has the composition of its structure beneficial for a man  it can influence her/him in a positive way.

If a man who is in the field of such an influence has in  the structure of her/his  biological  matter the same minerals the process of synchronization takes place. It is the most physical level of contact  - of a man and of inanimate matter. However, the sphere of contact does not end on this level. One may say that it is this place where it starts.

How strong may the contact be ?

It it is generally known that there are people who have specific abilities and such people who do not have any paranormal abilities. A man who has paranormal abilities has bigger chances for this that her/his magnetic field will synchronise with the place of  power, s/he will feel and perceive such a place in a better way.

It is the magnetic influence which is the decisive physical process which allows for such an influence. In this case the influence of a man on the magnetic surroundings of the mountain and the influence of this mountain's surroundings on a man may occur.


The essential characteristic of water  which is the basic component of the emotional matter of a man is its active magnetic character. This water which after its evaporation will enter into the area of the mountain's influence, or into the area of a different shape, or of a different man – will influence the environment in a specific way changing it accordingly.

In this way a man,  even though s/he is not aware of it,  influences the space in which s/he is situated. There are also instances of a deliberate influence of a man on the surroundings, such an influence may also refer to the mountain.


The individuals who have some kind of influence, or those who are able to observe specific phenomena contribute to the creation of myths and to the great interest in the place that is being indicated. The mountain Bugarach is enfolded with such a myth and mystery. In relation to other such places on earth Bugarach has supremacy as regards time. The first pieces of information about this mountain come from the period before the flood. This mountain was considered to be the  sacred one already at that time.


If we look from the point of view of the present civilisation on earth and from the point of view of  a man who believes in God one ought to draw some definite conclusions. According to religion, God takes care and is in charge of everything that exists. Everything that is happening, also such events as the flood take place of His will.
The history indicated by my thesis goes back to the time before the flood. At that time the biblical Paradise existed, a special enclave prepared for the initiation of the house called the House of David. One and a half thousand years before the flood and the next twelve thousand years until the present day the time which is now ending with the Final Days has been passing .


What was the aim of this time and of all the actions which were done within the course of that time ? The events indicated by the thesis refer mainly to the Israeli nation. However, in the course of the last two thousand years also other places and nations will occur in the plans of God. The mountain Bugarach is such a lantern which has been waiting for thousands of years as if it was asleep in order to fulfil its task.


It was burdened with a task which was given to it already before the flood.  Its time of the lantern

embraces the time of the last two thousand years.


By its unusual power and the silhouette which towers over the other mountain tops it encouraged the Jewish runaways to settle in this mountainous terrain. Two thousand years ago it attracted by its magic power the family of Jesus Christ . It was the geographical direction intended by God for the House of David, the direction indicated by the mountain Bugarach. It is here in this vicinity 10 kilometers north of this incredible mountain where the family of Jesus and Magdalene settled.  


Here in this mountainous and isolated and at the same time safe  place a shelter was prepared. The shelter for the house that was endangered so that it could survive the last two thousand years. It was the time that was the most dangerous for this house as in the face of a rapacious cult without the effective hiding place the descendants of the thirteenth generation did not have any chances for survival.

For two thousand years at the time when different branches of this house were giving many kings in the whole Europe, this one branch that is the most important for God survived in the hiding place.  However, for the last few hundred years not here in Languedoc but in the north of Europe – in Poland. The mountain Bugarach indicating Rennes-le-Chateau that lies “north” of its location indicates the northern direction, the term from the prophecies. The term: “north” often occurs in the prophecies, for example I will quote only one: the “Lion of the North”.


This magic power of the mountain Bugarach also attracted from the far north-eastern Europe a warlike nation – the Visigoths. There was only one purpose because of which it attracted them, it attracted them so that they might hide  the Treasure of the Salomon's Temple in the region where    the family of Christ was living. The treasure which they sacked at that time in the capital of the Roman empire.


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