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Afera Banco Ambrosiano

Galeria Magdala

Data 05/12/2014 07:26  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikniêæ 1875  Jêzyk Global


The  cluster of galaxies in Perseus is the place where the scientists

 have noticed the radiation that could be the sign of the dark matter

NASA, CXC, SAO, E.Bulbul, et al.







The science all the time strives with the problem of a precise definition – what is “dark matter” and what is “dark energy”.

A few years ago I wrote a few articles that present the general rules of the creation of the Universe. In these articles I pointed to the existence of different physical environments. Among other things I described such environments which are nothing more but the above mentioned and searched for by the scientists – fundamental forms of the structure of the Universe: “dark matter” and “dark energy”.





According to my theory the whole mass of  matter of the Universe – is matter in the state of harmony – “dark matter” that fills the whole space of the Universe and the second mass of matter that is systematically dosed to the space of the Universe in the form of the stream that is directed to its Core, that is defined by the name of : “dark energy”. These two kinds of matter, one asleep, and the second dynamic when they are connected they create the whole visible mass of matter. In the whole process of the evolution the Universe has at its disposal the reserve of matter that is asleep –  “dark matter” and it systematically gets the dynamic matter –  “dark energy” that is continuously “pumped”.




It constitutes the prevailing amount of the whole matter in the Universe  in such a physical form which today does not allow science to observe it precisely and to define its physical state. According to my theory  “dark matter” has two significant physical features.                                              


1 – It is constructed of the regular geometrical forms which are at the same time arranged in a regular way.                                                        

2 – This harmonious form is in the state of inertness and a minimal magnetic activity.  (Here I would like to touch the issue of the magnetism of the particles which is omnipresent there where any new form comes into being, both in our Universe and beyond it, also in the Civilisation of the Creators in common parlance called Heaven. The  magnetism of the particles is the first area of magnetism in the Universe.)


                                                                  DARK ENERGY


It is the mass of matter of which the particles are very heavily magnetised, set going to the speed that is unimaginable for a man  (and in particular unimaginable for a scientist). My own information

allows me to define this speed and I indicate its successive degrees as;-


  1. The speed of the stream that is put in to the space of the Universe should approximately come to six times the seed of light.


  1. The speed of this matter in the Core of the Universe decreases in connection with spending of its own potential of the dynamics of the stream for the creation and next for keeping the motion and the processes of the activity of the whole system of the Core of the Universe  (the central black hole in the Universe).


  1. The next decrease of the speed of the stream of  “dark energy” is caused by the successive creation of nine huge spirals. The start of each of the nine spirals  (each successive one begins its onset after it has been moved on the surface of the Core of 40 degrees) is preceded by a huge explosion. It comes into being in the place of the separation of the stream from the surface of the Core, these explosions are the protoplasts of the information about the “Big Bang” with one significant exception, these nine explosions are the physical processes that are subject to a strict control and more precisely it is a planned control. The control itself arises from the magnetic processes that take place within the Core of the Universe and within the stream that is systematically attacking this Core.


  1. The fourth speed the stream gets as the result of the physical process where the course of this stream in the space of the Universe runs through “dark matter”.


  1. The fifth degree of speed of  “dark energy” comes into being in the space of the swirls created by the masses of  “dark energy” that separated from the main stream and that create smaller spirals of different seize.


  1. The sixth degree of speed and the dynamics that is adequately decreased has  “dark energy” in the material masses that whirl with the speed that is faster than light. These whirling masses of  matter with the faster than light speed are nothing else but the beginning of life of the Black Holes. The Black Holes are initiated from the masses of different seize, those that are the biggest ones will gather around themselves the galactic masses. The whirling spheres and next the Black Holes come into being in different places of the space of the spiral coils that came into being when “dark energy” separated from the main spirals of the Universe.


  1. And light came into being. In such a definition one may embrace an extremely important moment for a man that is the moment of the creation of the first manifestations of the coming into being of matter that runs with the speed of light in the visible form, simply put light.


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22 11 2014 published in the Internet


Struski Andrzej de Merowing.