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Our Father (Lord's Prayer)
Data 17/06/2015 23:54  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikniêæ 1748  Jêzyk Global


Our Father (Lord's Prayer)

Our Father who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.


The Our Father prayer is one of the many traps lurking in the culture of Christian religion. On top of the efficient washing of brains of all those who are devoted believers as regards the understanding of the affairs of God and religion, Christianity adds (and rather directly), a command to use a deadly mantra in the form of the Our Father prayer.

You, Christians, are generally complaining about prevalence of various problems in your everyday life, and blame them on God. And even if you do not blame your problems on Him, you are the last ones to admit that He cares and protects you.

But reality is entirely different from what you think or say. You have destined yourself to such a fate. Repetition of the same phrases over and over again in a prayer makes them more powerful. These all the so-called "mantras". Any culture, religion, or esotericism has its own prayerful expressions.  The problem is that people do not understand the hidden value of spoken phrases.

In the following reasoning I will prove that the prayer Our father is directed entirely to Lucifer, a spiritual character which is good by his nature, but for his own interests manages processes of formation of all the causes of evil in the Universe. It is in his interest that Man should made human life one endless nightmare of anguish and distress, spawned the emotions of sorrow, regret and hatred, and lived in the constant fear thence. Lucifer pursues his interest by manipulating human mind in such a way that it blocks the joy of life by itself. As a result, also the possibility of return of the soul incarnated into man to his family in heaven is blocked and in the aftermath, the gate to heaven will close and the soul must be transported to the Lucifer's enclave.

The most important instruments of Lucifer are religions existing on Earth. Prayers and mantras are religious traps which continuously influence us. Repeating of phrases (including prayers) is a kind of self-destruction of personal safety and well-being.

The prayer “Our father” is only apparently addressed to God. It directs no single word to the Only God, that is, to God the Creator. On the other hand, it contains a phrase that unambiguously evidences that the prayer is addressed to Lucifer.

The said phrase are the words quoted: "and lead us not into temptation".

No God will ever lead anyone into temptation. To the contrary, the word "temptation" is an indication of one of the main domains of action of Satan. The term "Satan" is an allegory — Satan does not exist, and the perpetrator of all evil is Lucifer.

Although many people think of Lucifer as the one who brings the light, they do not understand that the light in itself does not mean goodness and knowledge, but often blinds and blindfolds. So is with the light brought by Lucifer — it is deceptive. Lucifer sends the light to a person along with an information to demonic spiritual beings how to destroy that person. The pattern of action followed by religions is the same.

The wording present in the Our Father prayer, "and lead us not into temptation", is a clear address to the one who leads us into temptation. No God had ever lead anyone into temptation. This prayer cannot be addressed to God the Creator.

The phrase "and lead us not into temptation" is not an exception out of the context of the entire prayer. All other phrases of Our Father are ambiguous. Although apparently they seem to be directed to God, none of them in its deeper meaning proves that.


1. phrase "Our Father," (Father of our personality)  — The "Our Father" prayer — is a direct apostrophe to the spiritual father of the praying person. The spiritual father of Christians is Lucifer and the faithful pray to him.

God the Creator took part in the creation of Man and his natural personality. This state of personality is no longer existent in the majority of people on Earth. Nowadays, the existing personality of a religious human has nothing to do with the need for God.

A religious, gnostic and esoteric Man emerged later, as a disruption of the natural personality. Such secondary traits of personality accounted for spiritual beings at the behest of, and in accordance with the instructions of, Lucifer. He is the real father of religious, or esoteric, Man (etc.)

2. phrase "who art in heaven" (who dwells in the spiritual heaven) - the spiritual world called heaven exists in two different life environments.

One heaven is the home of God and creators of Man and it is located far outside of our Universe.

The second heaven is just next door and is also inhabited by spiritual beings, but completely different than those living with God.  Living beings in this heaven are servants of Lucifer and work to satisfy his needs, harming the man.

In the Book of Revelation, God gives a message from which it follows that in the end of all time the heaven that exist in our world will be destroyed. Revelation 21:1 B.G. Potemem saw a new heaven and a new Earth; for the first heaven and the first Earth were passed away, and the sea was no more.

Heaven – a habitat of negative spiritual beings and Lucifer, with the esoteric earth and religions, will cease to Exist. A new heaven with spiritual beings serving Man will come into being, and a new culture of spiritual life on Earth, but without religions, as they will not exist then.


3. phrase "Hallowed be thy name;" (Let Your name be sanctified) – This phrase is an expression of heresy against God. Could it be that His name was not sufficiently holy and should be subject to further sanctification?

This phrase is of a great importance to Lucifer. Lucifer comes out of heaven, from God, but now, for legitimate reasons, he subsists along with other souls here in our Universe.

Any request for the sanctification of a name is justified only in relation to him and his companions. This form of prayer is founded on the initiative of Lucifer and very useful for him.

4. phrase "Thy kingdom come"; (and let You reign on Earth.) — People are asking Lucifer for control over them. At this point, he legalises the aggression he committed against incarnation civilizations in our Universe, and among other things also on Earth.

Referring such expression to God the Creator is meaningless for two reasons; first of all, God is one of the creators of Man, we are living in a unite system, and we cannot ask Him to take over us, because He has us all the time.

Secondly, the Kingdom of God here on Earth may not exist by the very nature of things, these are incompatible worlds in terms of existence.

5. phrase "Your will be done" (Let it be thy will be done) — Those who pray surrender their own will to Lucifer.

With regard to the matter that this prayer is addressed to Lucifer, it is clear that a person saying these words voluntarily assign the power over their will onto Lucifer.

6. phrase "[…] as it is in heaven", (which you have in the spiritual world,) — God in heaven does not have any power over other souls. The most fundamental and strictly respected law in heaven is fully free will.

In contrast, Lucifer makes use of the ability to influence the will of spiritual beings that have succumbed to his promises and offers. By handling such promises, most spiritual beings have given in to him and thus the spiritual heaven, which destroys humans, was formed.

7. phrase "On earth" — (And here on Earth.) This wording consummates the will of serfdom of Man and a real subjugation of his consciousness.

A servile will is the case for all the people. The expression "On Earth" enables Lucifer to extend his power over all humankind.

8. phrase "[...] our daily bread" (Our everyday matters) A plea related to basic things.

Such a selection of words is the cause of all subsistence and social inequalities on Earth.

Saying such a mantra a person voluntarily waives the right to wealth. The excess of tangible goods produced on Earth is not for the one who prays. The praying person only asks basic things.

The surplus of goods shall be distributed at the discretion of Lucifer who is the ruler of human consciousness at the will of humans themselves.

9. phrase "Give us this day [...]" (Give us quickly) With this phrase, the praying person loses a real chance even for everyday goods.

The words "this day" form a phrase asking for immediate implementation. There are no such immediate capacity for action in the areas controlled by fate. The consequence may be that it would be right that the praying person would not receive anything from fate.

10. phrase "and forgive us our trespasses" — Another plea furthering misery of the whole community of Earth.

Repeating words stating our own guilt in daily — morning and evening — prayer, we affirm the persistent existence of our fault in various matters.

Asking Lucifer for forgiveness, we subordinate ourselves to him even more.

11. phrase "as we forgive [...]" These words put a human being in a situation that indicates his dishonesty. If in the morning and in the evening you systematically say that you are guilty, then no one will believe that we can forgive anyone.

12. phrase "[...] those who trespass against us;" Here Lucifer is informed by the praying person that the latter lives among other culprits.

Lucifer obtains confirmation that his actions on earth are effective and that he will continue to maintain the same effect on humans.

13. phrase "and lead us not into temptation" – Lucifer does not have to lead us into temptation anymore.

There are so many "lucifers" in the personalities of people that they themselves take the leadership.

14. phrase "but deliver us from evil."
Who will believe that Lucifer would protect us against himself and his demons?

To sum up:

In the light of the actual value of the message delivered in the words of the prayer "Our Father" as well as other prayers and mantras, it can be stated beyond doubt that they are the source of many of the woes experienced by man on Earth. The number of people fervently praying to all the gods is large enough that there was a devastating knock-on effect to most of the people on Earth.

Praying and repeating destroy your own awareness, a chance to live in prosperity and happiness. The huge army of yours repeats mantras and infatuates in the hypocrisy of religion and esotericism, making all these childish begging on a mass scale. Your mindless prayers are directed to creatures unworthy of your intentions.

On behalf of God the Creator, I demand that you immediately stop all prayers and mantras and, in particular, the word of self-destruction repeated in the form of Our Father prayer.

Struski Andrzej, Heir Of Divine Blood, Leader of the Mission of the End Time.