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Three crowns
Data 09/09/2015 00:29  Autor Andrzej Struski de Merowing  Klikniêæ 1479  Jêzyk Global


Three crowns

The Vatican used the symbolism of the three crowns in violation of God’s will.

In the context of Divine concerns on earth, the use of such symbolism by unauthorised persons is a betrayal of God. Popes have never possessed such a right, and therefore their actions were and are adverse to God.

The meaning of this symbolism;

1st Crown and power on earth,

2nd Crown and power in the universe,

3rd Crown and power in Heaven.

The popes have never commanded or wielded any of these three types of power, and they have never had the right to use this symbolism.

I have used this symbolism for myself in relation to and in order to present my views and my rights.

Below I present my rights and hereby wish to advise that I intend to justify and prove each of the three dispositions by means of providing logical information present in historical writings and in terms of all spiritual references.

1st Crown and power on earth: - refers to power on a spiritual level in the context of metaphysical schemata relating the human body to its assimilation with the widely understood spiritual realm. In heaven no one soul has power over another; on earth nobody has the right of power over another. Man is a free being and if somebody gains power over anybody else then he is a usurper with regard to God’s needs. The power which I possess with regard to this crown is meant to free man from the unwarranted power of both spiritual beings and other people.

2nd Crown and power in the universe: - refers to the same figure, which wields the power on earth in relation to the metaphysical realms. This figure – heralded in prophecies and in particular in the encoded content of the Book of Revelation by St John of Patmos, receives this power in Heaven (the encoded description of this fact in the content of the Book of Revelation). During the end times this power enables the Son of God to effectively fight the sources of evil which for thousands of years have been implicated from the spiritual realms to earth.

3rd Crown and power in Heaven: - the figure, which wields a spiritual power in the universe and on earth, was chosen by the heavenly authority. It is the eldest son of God, whose path on earth was being prepared by his younger brother from God’s family, Jesus Christ. This figure has a suitable personal power and is the Master of Heaven’s Army.

No pope has ever wielded such attributes and those popes who used the three crowns, usurped the power of the Son of God, whose coming was being prophesied, for themselves.

The most essential proof of the validity of my information lies in verses from the Book of Revelations. Let me add, that the content of the Book of Revelations is the sole complete transfer of information from God which exists on earth.

The exceptionally complicated code of the Book of Revelations, excludes the possibility that it could have been written by any man according to his own spiritual visions and deepest reflections. The only possible origin of such a text is that it is a complete information transfer sent by supraconscious means from God, which the written content indicates.
Text from the Book of Revelations, 19:11,

19:11 - And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

Encoded information, 19:11,

From heaven arrived (white horse) = an army, (heaven opened) = sent by the heavenly authority (in human understanding, by God). The heaven’s army arrived, (he that sat upon him) = under the command of the one, who is among others described by the phrase “Faithful and True” (and in righteousness he doth judge) = he will judge righteously, (and make war) = and he will fight on a spiritual level, in accordance with his power and disposition as expressed in the symbolism of the three Crowns.

Text from the Book of Revelations, 19:12,

19:12 - His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had[a] a name written that no one knew except Himself.

Encoded information, 19:12,

The King of the Heaven’s Army wields power on a spiritual level, (His eyes were like a flame of fire) = and with this power he is able to perceive and destroy any ethereal (spiritual) forms which threaten man. The Commander of Heaven’s Army (and on His head were many crowns) = wields the royal power, needed to accomplish the task, on three planes, three crowns = (many crowns). Nobody on earth knew my kingdom in heaven (He had[a] a name written) = The Commander of the Heaven’s Army.

(The Lord of Hosts, as a biblical term for the ruler of the angelic hosts), doesn’t reflect the full extent of the power of the heaven’s army commander.  After finding out about my post in heaven (during the period May1999 – when I gained access to my place of commanding the army, I made a public announcement more than ten years ago, about my post in heaven (a name written) = the military rank held in heaven, that is I’ve said and written, that I am a commander of the heaven’s army.

Text from the Book of Revelations, 19:13,

19:13 - And he was clothed with a robe dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

Encoded information, 19:13,

(And he was clothed with a robe dipped in blood), = He is (he was clothed with a robe) = with all of himself, with all of his consciousness, (dipped) = immersed, (in blood) = in the words, in the knowledge of God with regard to people. His second task while fulfilling the duties of the end times mission, is the transmission of God’s knowledge to the people, (and his name is called The Word of God) = he possesses and identifies with the entire knowledge, that God wants to bestow upon the people on earth. (and his name) = knowledge from God in the form of acquired knowledge, which it is His task, (The Word of God) = to bestow upon the people.

To conclude, the information in verse thirteen refers to my knowledge, which I have acquired as a result of special 12-year long logical-spiritual training and various other subsequent reflections. Over a period of 30 years of contacts with God and heaven, I acquired the information that I was missing here on earth. My present knowledge is complete and encompasses the totality of the subject matter and issues that contemporary man should know about God.

It is the second part of my task, which I am accomplishing on earth. The first part, of a military nature, I have largely applied in the course of a seven-year long battle in the realm of astral spirituality within the reaches of our galaxy and other galaxies. These battles lasted from the end of 2007 until 2014; I have published some of the events from these activities.

The transfer of knowledge to man is a much harder task. In the present day and age an effective communication of knowledge from God is an impossible task. Nobody is able to receive this knowledge; it is incomprehensible to man living in illusion and whose mind is enslaved by religious and esoteric information. All the esoteric cults and religions totally misrepresent God and heaven. The civilisation of man has been forever constructed on information stemming from the forces of darkness, hostile to God’s requirements. The Popes’ use of the three crowns symbolism serves as an example in this instance. Unwittingly, the priests with their enslaved minds understand what Lucifer wants them to understand. Regarding matters of God, the priests who are enslaved and unaware of divine reality, contrary to their will and devotion to God, perfectly fulfil Lucifer’s needs.


Text from the Book of Revelations, 19:14,

19:14 - And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean

Encoded information, 19:14,

The armies, which (followed him) = arrived with the Son of God the Commander of the Heavenly Armies, (upon white horses) = as an army devoted to God, (clothed in fine linen) = they know the rules and the problems of this war. (white) = they are wholly devoted to the needs of heaven and to God, (and clean) = and they shall not give in to Lucifer’s prompting, whom many of them know personally.
This last information is closely related to many instances of collaboration and betrayal, committed by the officers of heaven’s army, stationed here in the region of earth and other places in the Universe, for the purpose of securing the incarnation colonies. The most glaring example of betrayal, are the actions of Archangel Michael, who was not only collaborating with Lucifer but also spying for the forces of darkness. The evidence of such of His activities is contained in the encoded contents of the Book of Revelations.

Text from the Book of Revelations, 19:15,

19:15 - And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

Encoded information, 19:14,

For his second task – the passing down of knowledge from God, the Son of God is prepared (And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations) = well enough. (out of his mouth) = his words (a sharp sword) = are deadly for the earthly knowledge of God, (that with it he should smite the nations) = so that He can eradicate the mistaken notions of divine matters present in every cult and culture on earth. (and he shall rule them with a rod of iron:) = It is Him, who will change these cultures, uncomprehending of divine matters, by means of the divine knowledge of the human evolution, (with a rod of iron) = these words, refer to the magnetic system of man, where his central-axial operating scheme is reminiscent of a rod with 24 knots, (of iron), = that is the magnetic form, unchangable by means of external factors, of the central formation of the magnetic system in the shape of a rod. (Earthly cultures pass down information about a pole, which has a significant meaning for man. Such narratives are an indication of a residual knowledge about magnetic structure of spiritual systems of man, which originates from the astral realm, inhabited by spiritual beings also lacking the complete knowledge.) (and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness) = the Son of God, with His information regarding evolution, heaven and God, is bound to create stupefaction in the minds of people – a condition similar to alcohol inebriation, so that the transformed human consciousness could  subsequently accept this entirely novel information, so totally incompatible with the religious message. (and wrath of Almighty God.) = These words represent the emotional state of God in relation to people living on earth. God doesn’t accept the whole of this spiritual teaching, which has to such a great extent enslaved and blinded man’s consciousness, leading it into a condition of total illusion.

To sum it up;

My knowledge with regard to the “rod of iron”, the magnetic system of man, has been recently completed. Magnetic schemata commonly referred to as the Holy Grail, were the last ones which I had to master. This exceptionally complex collection of operating schemata, in all of the areas of man’s magnetic system is impossible to memorize by means of a human mind. I have, in my own mind, over the period of 30 years conducted special memory exercises, as well as training in the area of spatial perception, all of which have allowed me in the past three years to commit to memory the magnetic system of man in its entirety. It consists of six mutually interweaving constructions – geometrical, numerical and value-related. The most complex encoding keys have a row consisting of 12 numbers, including multi digit numbers, on 160 planes.

Moreover, I would like to add, that a magnetic system of this kind is a unique occurrence on a scale of all life, both in our as well in the other universes, as well as in the civilisation of heaven. Such a unique system belongs solely to man with an incarnate soul, no spiritual being can boast of it, including God. The essential factor indispensable for the magnetic schemata existing and functioning in the physical sense is life within a physical and spiritual body that is the life of an individual being.

 © Struski Andrzej de Merowing