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Vegetarianism, veganism or fruitarianism
Data 03/05/2010 17:40  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 2703  Jêzyk Global

Vegetarianism, veganism or fruitarianism

    From the nature of the evolution of biology a man was not adapted to eating meat and animal products.

    The original form of life and eating at the time when a man led his life in the environment of paradise did not require any particular effort from him if he wanted to get food. The mechanisms of evolution expose the form of life and any needs that it has according to the conditions that exist in  such an environment in which the whole process of the evolution was taking place. There are all the aspects that are necessary to preserve the figure that evolved and this figure's needs. These mechanisms exposed a man as an individual who was eating only the kind of  food that he was able to find within the range of his activity that is the fruits.

    Such a change the effects of which we can observe now on earth could not take place overnight. Any kind of special activity in the area of cultivation or farming could come into being only in the situation when a man was short of food in his natural environment. The lack of the possibility for the species that evolved to subsist will not take place from the natural reasons and if it does  it can take place in the course of many millions of years.

    The climatic and natural conditions of the environment of a man's life in paradise (known as God's Grace in the messages) made the people living there act in a certain way and  maintain strict norms. Such a natural regulator was a guarantee that the successive generations would not depart from  a specific way of life.

    A man was not compelled to care for his lot of existence, its supply base in the form of a “larder” or the place to “sleep” was close at hand. There were no levels connected with fear or anxiety in his emotional life. There was no need for any unusual effort, let alone the obligation to work. The whole of the life conditions that dominated in such an environment did not force a man to the need of gaining or competing for a better place to live.

    We can imagine the people who live hundreds of years in optimal conditions. There is a possibility here to refer to the biblical information that says that the primitive people were a thousand years old. It is necessary that specific conditions are fulfilled if such a long period of a man's life on the level of the physical body is to be accomplished.

    The biological organisms have a specific nature of being. In the organisms of the animal type to    the group of which also the organism of a man belongs such a nature is the collection of organs which form a physical figure. Next, all the organs have the same nature of coming into being and development. It consists in the organisation of the type of the cells that corresponds to the organ. In this view going back to the first cells we learn what the science has discovered. It turns out that there are not many of these mother cells in terms of the kind . The adequate changes in the character and form of the activity of the cells come into being in the course of the development of the organism.

    The cell is an integral creation which has all the inner chemical processes that are necessary for life. The diversity that occurs between the forms of the cells that form different organs consists in the individual features of the life processes that take place within each cell.

    In order to maintain these processes as well as to maintain the life of the whole organism (here it is a man living in paradise) it was enough to eat the fruits that were growing there. Such a kind of nourishment was not only sufficient - it was optimal (these are the laws of the evolution). A man living in paradise that is in proper  environmental conditions, to these one should also include the conditions of the emotional life, and eating the fruits lived for hundreds of years in good health.

    The change of such a form of a man's life could take place only in the case of specific as well as external influence on his needs. Subsequently, these needs were the cause of changes in the population the excessive growth of which was the cause of the lack of food in natural conditions.
    Then, new areas of a man's life in the form of farming and cultivation developed quickly . However, the food obtained from such sources differed from the food from the natural environment. This food was different from the food that was in the paradise called God's Grace. These new conditions did not fulfil all the features of the natural environment any longer and what is connected with it they did not fulfil the features of God's grace. At that moment  a man's fulfillment of the needs of heaven from God's point of view was in danger.

    The new kind of food and in particular the food coming from the farming of animals and from eating meat influenced a man's emotions in a definite way. The life became shorter and the causes of it lie in two matters. The first one refers to the kind of food which brings to  the cell processes a completely different set of the components that are necessary for a proper activity of  chemical changes. The second one refers to negative emotions which have their source in these new conditions of life.

     Summarizing the matter of the food of a man, there appears to us a figure that will have the ability to natural  immunological reactions of the organism if his/her menu will be based mainly on fruits. The man living nowadays is – in relation to the figure that lived in the natural environment and ate fruits – a far less effective instrument from the standpoint of God's needs. In the context of the lifespan and the quality of health he does not compare favourably, he is just a scrap of that figure.

     The fact that the meat that is now in the menu of a man is considered as the necessary component by many people turns out to be an acquired product. Essentially, it is the component of  a diet that  harmed a man. The optimal diet for a man (naturally, if the programme of the needs of the cells that changed at the time of the change of the food is reversed) is fruitarianism, that is  the food composed only from the raw fruits.

© Andrzej Struski de Merowing.