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The fountain of fortune
Data 05/05/2010 21:29  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 2515  Jêzyk Global

The fountain of fortune

    The fountain of fortune through its precision and complexity of the shapes of the construction as well as through its adornments enables one to create very complex information about the owner of the fountain. The fountain is decorated with the elements which depict the objects that exist in  the  environment of life of a man which are adequately arranged here.

The fountain of fortune

The geometrical form of the fountain is arranged according to the principles of sacred geometry,
The significant elements of the construction and the adornments use the features of this how the number “21” works, it is a well-known number of financial happiness, often defined as the “vingt-et-un”. The Templars informed about  the existence of such an influence on the financial fortune unveiling a secret in the ornamentation of the temple. This mysterious information is hidden in geometrical forms being the ornamentation of the floor in one of the French cathedrals. They proved through these ornamentation that they had recognised the mysteries of this how the number “21” works and they used it gaining financial fortune in a flash.

The fountain has 21 heads, each of these heads has eight water jets what gives 168 streams of water – the water jets direct the streams of water in such a way that they create dynamic crystalline structures.

The heads have their own numeration applied according to a special key that is in accordance with the features of a man's life and of the environment that is surrounding him, on the left side there are even numbers (which represent the materiality of a man's life) and on the right side there are the odd numbers (a spiritual sphere).

The whole ornamentation of the fountain is duplicated 21 times around its circumference, outside and inside its construction.

Under water there were installed 21 lights with changing colours.

The movement of the streams of water and the change of lights are controlled by the computer placed inside the fountain what allows for the formation of different configurations of the streams and light.

These features of geometry and motion allow for the inscription of the personal details of the owner (the date of birth and the astrological aspects) that can be carved into the forms of the ornamentation closely connecting the fountain with its owner and adjusting the configuration of the fountain to his personal traits.

Such an astrological and geometrical coherency that uses the financial power of the number “21”may in an efficient way help to benefit from the energetic resources of the shapes of the ornamentation of the fountain which refer to the natural environment.

Each one of the fountain's adornments has an individual feature exposed as its specific value that is significant for a man.

The  increase of the power of influence can be achieved if all the adornments are duplicated 21 times.

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