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The magnetic machine
Data 15/05/2010 13:42  Autor Andrzej Struski  Klikniêæ 21088  Jêzyk Global

The magnetic machine

      Life came into existence and is developing in the magnetic environment of the earth. A man is not separated from this environment, he stays under its influence and he himself emits the electromagnetic radiation that  is called a biological field or biofield.
    From this it follows that on the cellular level on the surface of different tissues and organs the electrical potentials are continuously changing and as the result of this process an emission of the electromagnetic field takes place of which frequency is specific for particular organs. The potential and frequency of this field changes under the influence of the emotional states and states relating to illness. In addition, the changes in the natural magnetic environment of the earth that results from a man's activity have a destructive influence on the state of condition of the biological cells. This destructive activity of a man manifests itself in the area of  building of different radio and television stations, relay stations, the mobile communication, power lines etc. In such surroundings a man's health is in danger, all the more since the saturation of the magnetic environment with the electromagnetic fields that are dangerous for a man is endless.

     For the therapeutic purposes there are many constructed devices which bring back the magnetic balance of the cells of our organism. The construction that is shown in the photo is  a perfect device that can bring back the disturbed state of the natural magnetism of the biofield in particular in the areas that are the most rarefied in which the structures of consciousness are recorded. It is the only device of this type in the world that corresponds to the magnetic space of the universe, the planet and the biological cell. Most if not all constructions and buildings that exist on earth are based on solutions where the basis is the right angle. The set of matter formed in such    a way that its condensation (the walls of the houses) in the mutual position create the right angles, deflects the poles of the magnetic fields in the biological cells. In the cells that are permanently  exposed to such disturbances with time the changes in the course of the chemical processes take place which are the most important for the proper life of the cell and the organism.

    The constant magnetic fields can bring back the physical states of the chemical processes to such configurations that are in accordance with the evolution of the biological matter. The three-dimensional construction of this magnetic machine emits constant magnetic fields that are located on the vertices of each crystalline solid figure that constitutes the construction of the machine. The streams of colourful light that permeate the space of the construction create  around the imitation of the motion of the geometrical forms what creates an impression of  a colourful geometrical depth. Sound is the third effect that during the rotation of the crystalline machine completes the visual impressions and gives complete comfort. Depending on the strength of the magnets installed on the vertices of the solid figures the machine can in an adequately deep way relax the biofields of a man. Such a relax owes its effectiveness to the geometrical forms of the solid figures of the regular tetrahedrons that constitute the construction of the machine. Such a geometrical space is the representation of the original source of geometry in the process of the evolution of matter.

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