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Part I
The Spiral of life
The gold proportion and the effect of the coil of the evolution. The spiral running on the spherical spaces on the spherical sphere meets its surface at the fourteen degrees of the length.
The constant geometrical structure of all the forms of the solid matter secures in a permanent way the form that has already evolved. An element or a more complex form  if it occurs in the form of the solid matter it is a kind of the record of the effect of the work of the process of the evolution of matter. The rock is the “pregnant mother” which retains the geometrical form of matter in order to, next, together with water as clay pass this form of biology in its process of evolution.
The rocky crystal forms in the water environment in the form of mineral particles (the biblical dust) will be the cause of the reaction of this environment to light and sound. From the intercepted particles of matter, the sound spheres and the photons of light the successive sets will be created which in the future reactions mutually correlating will create the forms of biological life.
The crystal form of matter and, in particular, its regular form (the sacred geometry) on the basis of its form and the mutual proportions makes the formation of the spherical spheres possible. These spherical forms of the spheres which directly refer to the gold proportion pass the information that refers to its proportion to the world of motion and of the life of biology.  In the biological matter that is coming into being among all the whirling manifestations of life these whirls which result from the gold proportion are the factor that imitates the needs of the creators of the universe.
The whirls that exist as the effect of the influence of the spheres and spirals occur on each level of the animate matter. The state of the mutual balance between the whirls allows for the maintenance of the state of the development whereas the disproportion is the cause of the changes of the existing form.

The spiral of life
The configuration of the spirals is the effect of the influence of a few factors that exist in the environment of the evolution of the universe. To these I include: the dynamics of the movement of the spiral (the cause that is the most important), the geometrical forms of the solid matter (inanimate) in the space of the course of the spiral and the influence of the magnetic field on its course.
The spiral that I present has the configuration that is optimal from the point of view of the needs of the constructors of the universe. Such a statement is supported by two very important aspects.
The geometrical forms which allow for the lay-out of the spiral of life are the first aspect. Here  the basis is the square and the evolution of its shape according to the principles of the gold proportion. The circles of which the diameter is the result of the evolution of the square are the next geometrical form. The spiral runs on the circumference of the circles meeting each next one on the length of the 14 degrees of its circle.
The second aspect we can find in the final picture which presents the graphic that     
brings to mind the appearance of the arrangement of the seeds in the sunflower. Such a picture can be exposed only by a proper form of the spiral.

I will present now the successive stages of the formation of the graphics which in effect will reveal to us the spiral of life that is in agreement with the needs of the creators.


Fig. 1 A general view of the evolving squares and the circles that are being formed on their basis. In natural conditions there where the spirals are coming into being in the place of the circles  the whirling spheres can be found. They are saturated with particles of matter creating something in the kind of a “thin balloon” around their crystalline basis. 

Fig. 2 In this picture one can see in a perfect way how big is the expansion in space of each one of the successive spheres.

Fig. 3 Here one can see the place from which the spiral of life starts its course and how it starts its course.

Fig. 4  A mirror image of one segment of the spiral. This picture shows an empty space in the place where according to the principle smaller segments of the spiral can be found.

Fig. 5 A mirror image in the plane projection of the spiral set, that is of the course of the spiral.

Fig. 6 The picture of the sunflower. Such an effect was created when the spiral in the circumference of the circle was turned. The spiral is duplicated 72 times what gives the next shift  at about 5 degrees. The spiral coil  that can be seen in the form of the spiral tunnel. Is this how the spiral coil of the Black Hole looks like ?

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